How sunrooms & patio rooms can raise property value


A sunroom and patio room additions can create a relaxing, enclosed living space that allows you to enjoy amazing outdoors views without stepping foot out side your home. Sunrooms built buy California Sunrooms feature extra large exterior windows and we can typically attached to the home’s HVAC system.


Increased Value

The amount of value a sunroom addition adds to your house depends on the house and the sunroom, and possibly on when you put it in. According to the the National Association of Remodelers’ 2014 survey concluded that a sunroom retains 92 percent of its value. However, it is even possible to convert an existing room into a sunroom without adding significantly (or at all) to the property tax value, which means extra savings for you.


The National Association of Realtors indicates that the addition of a sunroom in neighborhoods that do not typically have sunrooms can set a property apart when it’s on the market.

Energy Efficiency

California Sunrooms and Patio Rooms are built with energy-efficient windows these features help increase the value of the space. Not only does this add value our Energy-efficient glass with high UV protection help keep heating and cooling costs low. Energy efficient homes sell much quicker on the market than none energy efficient homes.


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