Financing options for sunrooms and patio rooms


Financing Options for Sunrooms and Patio Rooms

Getting financed for a Patio Room or Sunroom might be frustrating and daunting. Getting a loan for a home addition means heading to the bank and talking to a loan officer, filling out an application and starting a loan process that can take weeks or even months depending on the type of financing being obtained.  Luckily things have vastly changed since we have partnered with one of the top home improvement loan brokers that specialize in financing your sunroom or patio room addition can now be achieved over the phone or online.

Sunrooms can be financed many different ways. Interest rates will depend on several different factors secured loan VS unsecured loan and poor credit VS good credit also known as your FICO score.

Secured Loans

Using a secured loan to finance your new room addition is likely to give you the lowest rate. With a secured loan the borrower is required to pledge assets as collateral to obtain the loan. Assets can be (car, home etc.)  The loan will be secured against the collateral this makes it less risky for the lender if there is a default in contract they can collect on the collateral.  When there is less risk for the lender typically the lender can offer lower rates to the customer.

Unsecured Loans

Unsecured Loans, are loans that are not secured by any type of collateral. These type of loans are typically based solely on the customers FICO score. These loans will most likely have a higher interest rate but they can be much quicker obtained to approve and provide customers with no collateral options a way to finance their sunroom or patio room addition.

Loan Process

We can proudly offer up to 12 different loan programs all with low monthly payments. The loan process is easy and painless for you, and you get to shop for the best rate, most of our lenders have short application times with acceptance notice within 48 hours. Once we receive an approval from the lender all documents will be emailed and funding can occur after 3 days.

Please Contact Us Today to get started on your loan. +1-800-970-1787 We are open 9:AM – 9:PM Mon-Sun for your convenience.

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